Nissan Skyline GTR34 in Bangladesh

From the late 90’s to early 2000, Japan brought some spectacular sports car icons to the table but none has able to come close to the behemoth Nissan R-34 GTR Skyline. Being successor of the R-32, R-34 overwhelmingly defends the legendary “GTR” badge. A true successor of the R-32 in every single aspect. Nissan was so ahead of it’s time, most of the technical bits of the car was considered witchcraft. We are fortunate or unfortunate (as how you look at it) enough to have only one example of this fine machine in our country and it’s currently owned by Mr. Shehzad Javed.

This particular vehicle puts the word ‘monster’ to shame. Owner has gone far beyond from conventional tuning and sourcing parts that we can imagine, to make this particular unit a special build in the world.

Heart of the R-34 is a 3.2 Liter RB32 Motor specially built by Tomei Performance, Japan. This ultra rare motor is what makes this R-34 a standout from rest of the GTRs’. Tomei is known for developing and testing race car performance equipments. Interior is fully wrapped with alcantara leather. It has all the Nismo goodies. Aftermarket parts list is extensive enough to make you feel dizzy. So enjoy the pictures instead.

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