Mobil Kart Racing Championship Qualifying Wrap UP

Xtreme Racing has partnered up with Mobil Bangladesh to host the biggest racing event in Bangladesh. The event entails 3 days of high octane racing leading up to once lucky winner who will be crowned the karting champion. To add to the excitement, Tom Goh (Executive Director & Co Founder), A&A Motorsports Consultancy) and Angeline Lee will be attending the event on the final day of the races.

The event is split into 3 days; Sept 1st and Sept 8th will be qualifying days where enthusiasts will go through 3 sets of races, a practice run and two qualifying rounds. Finalists from both days will square off on the day of the finals, Sept 14th to battle it out for a chance to be crowned champion.

The event sponsors are Mobil Bangladesh, Concord Group, Dhaka FM 90.4, Polar Ice Cream, CBL Munchee, Shift and AutoRebellion.

Members of AutoRebellion attended the qualifying session held on Sept 8th.  We can safely say that this event is guaranteed to get your pulse racing, whether you are out on the track trying to set your fastest lap or are watching the live action from the stands. The day was action packed from the first practice run right through to the finalists being announced at the end of the day. We are happy to report that 8 AutoRebellion members have qualified for the finals, which will be held on Sept 14th.

The event is poised to be a huge success and hopes to set a benchmark for events to come. We would like to once again thank all the sponsors for putting this event together. We would also like to extend our thanks to the Concord group staff as well as the event staff for all their help and support during the event. The event would not have been a success without their hard work and dedication.

With both sets of qualifying completed, the stage is set for the finals for Sept 14th. Excitement is already in the air and drivers are excited to battle it out to be crowned champion. This is a day at the races you will not want to miss!

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