Toyota to Showcase Future Concept Vehicles at Dhaka Motor Show 2018

Navana Bangladesh Toyota Concepts Dhaka Motor Show Auto Rebellion

Navana Group Ltd, will be bringing forward 3 very special cars to this years Auto Show. These three models will give us a look into the future of Toyota. The three categories of vehicles being showcased will show how Toyota as a brand is developing its sports car line and also working towards environmentally sound vehicles for the future.

Toyota FT-1

The Toyota FT-1 has taken the industry by storm with many enthusiasts eagerly anticipating its arrival. This concept is the re launch of the ever famous Toyota Supra that has changed the motor industry during its time. This joint venture is collaboration between BMW and Toyota.

The FT-1 is designed with performance in mind. This is evident in its futuristic design and bodylines, which are with the idea of aerodynamics in mind. The FT-1 design elements capture energy and emotion that we can expect to see from Toyota in the future.

Toyota Mirai

The Mirai will feature a very special concept, by being fully run on Hydrogen. The benefits of this include 0 pollution as the only by product from this Hydrogen cell is water. This will be one of the first commercially sold vehicles that are Hydrogen powered.

Hydrogen fuel will be a big step in moving away from Gas and Diesel powered vehicles. This feat in itself is a major step forward to reducing the carbon footprint we are currently leaving behind. The word “Mirai” in Japanese means “Future” and this vehicle aims to be the pathway towards a greener future.

Toyota i-Road

The i-Road aims to be the ultimate drivers vehicle of choice for Urban Transportation. With its compact size and easy maneuverability, it aims to provide a much safer, and better means of transportation for the Urban Jungle. Powered by an electric powertrain, it features a quiet ride and produces zero emissions.

The design of the i-Road is a combination of a car and a motorbike. The aim is to provide the necessary safety of a road vehicle with the agility and size of a motorbike. Due to the compact size of the i-Road, Toyota hopes to help clear up more space on the roads with this compact concept.

With these three models one can easily see that Toyota is still at the forefront of automotive innovation with their push for more environmentally conscious vehicles. Some enthusiasts argue that automobiles in the future will be less about the driver/vehicle interaction and more about self-driven vehicles. However, looking at a glimpse of the future with these concepts, one can see that the future still will cater to the sports enthusiasts with models like the Toyota FT-1 and also, for the everyday driver that commutes through busy cities with the Toyota i-Road.

The Dhaka Motor Show 2018 will be held on March 22nd to March 24 at the International Convention City in Bashundhara from 10:30am to 8:30pm.

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