BUET Automobile Club Conducts Their First Workshop


We’ve seen the first formal launching of BUET Automobile club that promised us to bring everyone into the world of automotive engineering and exciting new activities for students of BUET.  The club members have come a long way to form the structure of the club and is now moving forward to some  new ventures this year.
On 25th August 2017 after the inauguration of the Club, the members held its first workshop ‘ Engine basics’ .

This workshop kicked off at BUET auditorium complex on 25th august morning. This workshop focused on the fundamental of motor engines, beside the basic the invited guests shared more facts and insights on particular type of engines and manufacturing process of an engine. The workshop was attended by participants from various universities and from various background.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Ashiqur Rahman, Honorable faculty member of Mechanical Engineering in BUET and also the moderator of BUET Automobile Club. Dr. Ashiqur Rahman gave his welcome speech and handed over the crests to the honorable guests and representatives from valued sponsors.

BUET Automobile Club Workshop

The presentation began shortly after, where Asif Hossain and Nafees Imtiaj Ahmed from Autorebellion started with the engine facts of the 4age 20v. There was a very good response from the audience and a lot of question and answer sessions were exchanged between Nafees Imtiaj and Asif hossain. Everyone participated and enjoyed the presentation and amazing facts of the 4age 20v’s build and purpose.

Next up was Mr Nafees Al Amin, the drummer of the band Arbovirus, who presented the 3sgte engine facts. He explained how he himself went for a DIY project of fitting this 3sgte  engine in his 2003 Mitsubishi lancer. He shared his own facts and realization of this engine and his hard working diy methods that brought this car to life.

Mr. Mehrab Masayeed Habib, founder, Bangla Automobile School was also present in the auditorium to present on engine manufacturing process and Electric Vehicles. His presentation included AV on a thorough manufacturing process of a complete engine from a block of metal, and for the electric vehicles, he presented info and facts on how an electric vehicle functions.

After the presentations were complete, the BUET Automobile club members took the floor for dismantling a real engine. and showing individual parts to the attended participants. Beside showing the engine parts inside the auditorium, the organizers also kept dismantled engines outside the auditorium for workshop participants to see various components that make up the basic of an engine.

BUET Automobile Club Workshop

Mashiur Rahman (Shoummo), President of BUET Automobile Club said, “To make some proficient engineers, this was an initiative from our side. Hope that the hierarchies of our Bangladesh will come forward to encourage the engineers to works even more on automobile field and facilitate us as much as possible so that our excitements and enthusiasms won’t go in vain or even won’t be laundered.”

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