Modern era F1 Intercooler and Wastegate in detail


F1 is ranked as the pinnacle of Motorsports, the technology involved in F1  is time beating advancement. In 2014, the technical regulation in F1 saw a major change. F1 engines were downgraded from 2.4L V8 to 1.6 V6, in order to compensate the downgrade, the V6 engines were paired with turbo chargers for maintaining the performance standard of F1.

Its not everyday you find F1 technical parts unwrapped and up for close inspection on social media. Recently, a YouTuber named PeterBjorck bought some F1 parts from the auction of Manor F1 Team, the team that went bankrupted in 2016. Out of several parts from his shopping cart, the turbo intercooler and the wastegate were interesting and special. These parts were from MR03, that Marussia F1 Team (later became Manor F1 Team) used during 2014 season and the MR03 was powered by Ferrari power plant.


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