VW Ameo Cup: Round 2 Race 1- Devin’s Domination

Madras Motor Racing Track (MMRT) carries significant history in the motorsport of India. The MMRT was built in late 1980s and was inaugurated in 1990. The MMRT hosted the second round of the Volkswagen Motorsport India Ameo Cup.

After setting up the fastest time in the qualifying, the highly experienced guest driver Devin Robertson dominated the Race 1 of the Ameo Cup second round. Devin led every lap of the race from start to finish. Championship contender Karminder Singh sealed a solid 2nd place ahead of his closest rival Sandeep A Kumar in finishing the race in 3rd.

Affan Sadat Safwan finished 9th. Throughout the race he attacked the car in front of him and was involved in race incident bumps. While battling for the position, Affan damaged his car’s front end, but the VW mechanics were quick enough to fix the dent right after the race.

Avik Anwar finished 13th after a disastrous start causing from a technical issue which dropped him to the tail of the grid. The race turned out to be a damage limitation race for Avik, and made it to 13th spot after the good recovery race.

Round 2 Race 1 Result

  1. Devin Robertson- 15:39.262
  2. Karminder Singh- 15:50.095
  3. Sandeep A Kumar- 15:56.471
  4. Donovan Vaz- 15:59.443
  5. Saurav Bandyopadhyay- 16:01.178
  6. Dhruv Mohite- 16:01.952
  7. Keith Desouza- 16:11.603
  8. Rohit Goyal- 16:13.777
  9. Affan Sadat- 16:14.231
  10. Jeet Jhabakh- 16:14.863
  11. Siddharth Kotecha- 16:15.823
  12. Rashad Khan- 16:18.649
  13. Tauhid Anwar- 16:22.639
  14. Anmol Singh- 16:23.518
  15. Pavneet Sheetal- 16:44.313
  16. Abhishek Chaliha- 16:45.944
  17. Johir Suresh- 16:53.091
  18. Rahul Richards- 17:51.817
  19. Vedant Agarwal- 17:18.367
  20. Aditya Pawar- 17:20.724

Fastest Lap: Devin Robertson- 1:54.238

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