Mazda’s DAMD-ed Miata- the Dark Knight’s inspiration

The fourth generation of the Mazda MX-5 was released in the latter parts of 2015 and it is lighter and shorter in width than its predecessors. The car is two seat roadster with a front motored real wheel drive chassis.

The weight of the new roadsters are near to 1,000 kg’s. This World Car of the Year award winning generation of MX-5’s are incorporated with SKYACTIV technology, and is offered with a choice between the 1.5 litre petrol or the 2.0 petrol motor. It is offered in both six speed manual or automatic transmission and is fitted with a standard manually operated fabric roof that can be opened or closed within a few seconds. We have couple of the 4th gen MX-5 in Bangladesh.


Dream Automotive Development and Design (DAMD), have released a special version of the new roadster taking inspiration from our childhood and still favourite, Batman. And it is fittingly called, “Dark Knight”. With a beautifully fascinating body line wrapped in fine carbon fiber and a metal accent that sharply shines a ray, they have created a lightweight sports that reigns in a monochrome world.


DAMD have done a great job making the already award winning car look even better and they’ve certainly made an impression on us. Here’s a list of parts that DAMD will offer with the Dark Knight treatment.

You also get to choose with an optional extra of OZ Ultralegera 18-inch wheels that have been fitted to this MX-5, giving it a drift car appearance. Furthermore, the standard suspension has been replaced by harder and lower shocks and springs from Spirit Racing. The rims will be complemented with Bridgestone POTENZA RE-002 215/35/18 tires.  The engine can be matched up to an optional stainless steel exhaust system with quad pipes.

I chose to write on this car due to the increasing number of MX-5’s being imported to the country and also because the DAMD version looks more practical to be used in Bangladesh. Another important factor is that all the parts are bolt on, so no need to worry about cutting or sizing up parts.

I’ll be back with another aftermarket adversary next week, till then, let me leave you with a gallery to be amazed with of the Dark Knight. For more information on the DAMD MX5, head on over to this link.

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