Challengers Gather For A Rainbow

A car club from Atlanta, Georgia, known as The Peach State Challengers, recently gathered 76 of their members’ ride to pull out a rainbow made from Dodge Challenger Coupes. This beautiful arrangement also demonstrates the color options offered by Dodge!

This eye candy idea came from the brain of  Jeff Davis, member of The Peach State Challengers. Rich Scotto, another member of the club, came up with a digital mock up of the idea on how the cars should be arranged.  Jeff Davis said “I believe that Dodge’s colors are pretty unique. We had a couple different reds, the Sublime Green and then the Green with Envy, Plum Crazy and then the B5 Blue. Only one color was missing from the spectrum, We actually do have two Yellow Jackets but both of those guys were busy.”

Nevertheless, the result speaks for the highest HP Rainbow so far.

Source: Peach State Challengers

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